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use it for...

brands & celebrities

Brands value engagement with their audience as often as they want and how they want without limitations of any one social network or chat app. Zulu.Social offers brands the ability to establish 'pop-up' communities that work over and in compliance with existing social networks while maintaining full control over their community. contact us

professional certifications

Formal training and (re)certification are widely used to validate professionals by companies in technology, healthcare, the trades and by industry associations in engineering, finance and other markets. Zulu.Social makes it easy to verify a profressional's training or even the recency of their certification in a real-time and trustworthy manner. contact us


Colleges and Schools constantly strive to stay in active touch with their alumni, a task made more difificult given the constant shift of email addresses and social networks. It also makes it harder for alumni to keep in touch with each other. Zulu.Social makes it easier for alumni to stay in touch with each other and their alma mater, within their existing social network. learn more

press and PR

Stories move fast on social and whether your are in Press or PR it is getting harder and harder for your audience to sift between real sources, real stories and other stuff. With Zulu.Social your audience can better tell the difference between real and not so real messages. With Zulu.Social it becomes easier to limit exposure and manage crisis PR. For more information contact us

membership organizations

Professional clubs, service organizations and other membership based societies all benefit from Zulu.Social. With Zulu.Social members can now connect with each other and the broader community, over existing social, in a trustworthy manner. Zulu.Social also makes it easier to acquire new members and preserve a brand's authenticity over social. do get in touch for more information

charities, NGOs

Natural disasters and crises drive affected communities to seek care and support from govt and charities. Zulu.Social can help reduce risks and inspire trust when it's needed most. Use of Zulu.Social in coordination with an awareness campaign could reduce the risk of fraud not just during crises but also during fund-raising and membership drives. contact us

how it works...

create communities

With Zulu.Social you can create communities made up of new or existing users, fans, brand loyalists, members, product champions - in fact for any reason at all. You can chat, monitor, engage, hangout and even meetup with your community. Whether its just a few members or few thousands, with Zulu.Social it is a breeze to manage your community.

verify new members

Be it preventing fraud or privilaged access, qualifying users or verifying members has becomes increasingly critical to maintaing a vibrant community. With Zulu.Social's trusted identity service can ask a user or propsetive member to verify their authenticity or credential using private or correlated information, email or phone verification and even challenge questions. You can even build an authentic online presence for your authorized social team.

see it on social

Zulu.Social brings trust right to you and your user's timelines. TruBadge 'overlay's badges right over each verified user's post on your timeline or profile pages. This works with Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. Click on any badge and we display the trusted Trunym id of that person. Members can discover each other within the same social network or even across networks.

works with 'most everything...

Zulu.Social is designed from the get go to work with existing tools for social marketing, CRM and community management tools. While we are hard at work building plug-ins for some popular tools, there is no integration/API required. If you do have suggestions on an integration that may help - do drop us a line. contact us

why zulu.social

supersize your social.

Before there was Social there was Business - Channels were setup, Partnerships were formed, Customers engaged. Zulu.Social helps bring these relationships to life over social. With Zulu.Social validate your business ecosystem - extending your brand, building trust and recognizing partners.

your community - you own it.

Zulu.Social helps you establish a one-to-one relationship between you and your community - team, resellers, customers, partners, evangelists, integrators or developers. With Zulu.Social it's one community regardless of social network, even working with your existing community management tools.

where the action is!

With Zulu.Social there's no new login no new social id. Zulu.Social is right where folks already are - their social network. If they flock to a new social network - your relationship still stays - no need to reconnect with them in a new social network. Connect with them where they already are.

celebrate accomplishment!

Using the Zulu.Social add-on any certifications, awards and professional achievements can now be seen online in social networks. People whose accomplishments you recognize are no longer just hanging a certificate on a wall - they become allies and brand ambassadors, in the fluid world of social opinion.

all about..

products and platform

Zulu.Social is built on the Livebrick platform, purpose-built with security, privacy and identity in mind. The platform allows us to rapidly incorporate new social networks, partner programs and verification methods based on evolving customer and market needs.

reporting errors, fraud

Zulu.Social makes every effort, working in close collaboration with our partners to ensure the accuracy and correctness of the information we share. In the event you detect any errors, either accidental or malicious please do bring it to our attention immediately. . Report fraud.

Partners & Developers

We believe that trust over the web will be built on open standards and open interchange formats.

SSL Partner

We are constantly seeking partnerships with companies that verify identities or that seek to integrate using our API.
In fact we delight in partnering with other product and service teams to bring greater value to our customers. Have a product or service you want to partner with us on? Want to complement our offering with yours? If so do drop us a line, do get in touch. Contact us

The Team

Zulu.Social is another fine service from the team at LiveBrick Labs the same team behind Trunym and Shuffl.

Livebrick Labs delivers enterprise grade as well as consumer ready applications that enable authentic and privacy aware interactions over the social web and in-person. Learn more at LiveBrick.com