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About Us.

We delight in building great product, delivering great service and creating value. We are Zulu.Social.


Deepak Srinivasan ..Co-founder and CEO.  Award-winning innovator, and mentor; battle hardened in three tech revolutions and a willful nomad to industry verticals. Serial entrepreneur who has occasionally served in big enterprise. Seasoned product guy, consumer marketer and strategist.  Full-time sales guy. Spare-time architect. Keenly observes mankind. Then disregards it. Overheard saying.. “Even God has a Plan B”.  Lover of mil aviation. FP and IR junkie.  View Deepak Srinivasan's profile on LinkedIn


Abhishek Ranjan… Co-founder. VP Tech & BD. Dreamer of big things. an Optimist who seeks no cure. Drinks all things Java, Crafts many things social. Believes that with great software comes great scale. And that vision, hope and precision coding can produce impossible results in an unreasonably short time. Loves the spotlight and when he is not pitching ideas, he’d rather be pitching a cricket ball..


Anil Sharma,  Chief Technology Officer. A mobile marketing pioneer, he cofounded mGinger and scaled it a multi-million user base. He fled an early career in ‘cubicle land’, building SaaS apps for Wall Street. And moved to startups. He has extensive experience in distributed computing and mobile app development. He delights in slipping to the dark side… dabbling in product management, strategy and marketing. When he’s not cooking up a storm, you can find him storming the kitchen.


Juhi Jaiswal…  VP QA & Customer Experience. Dreams of QA’ing higher life forms. But will settle for software. When she isn’t calling a spade a spade, she is testing it. Candor comes naturally.  Extreme QA guru and an entrepreneur at heart.  Determined to uncover the secrets of how successful products are conceived and brought to market. Believes that meticulous execution and an eye for the smallest of detail is at the heart of successful companies.


S Anand…  Technology. By Day – normal, hardworking, family guy, devoted dad and IT professional. By Night -itinerant moonlighter, masked J2EE and server side super-hero. Gets handed specs whenever we can find him. And he builds stuff. Seeks out bugs wherever they may be hiding and he destroys them.  Likes to life is one big chron job with many little chron jobs inside it.