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Define and manage an audience that goes across social networks, web portals, mobile apps, email, events and more. Setup rules for interaction, portal membership, customize and brand the various audience facing touch-points. You can build profiles, gather opt-in information via social logins, tag audience members and more.

Publish, Share.


Connect your existing content portal and feeds into Zulu.Social to be refit by more targeted and willful consumption of data. We work with Wordpress and also support other CMS’s via API.  The companion mobile app can acceot content from social feeds, blogs and RSS.  Policy settings can help you further gate content on the web and the mobile app. We also include social publishing for Twitter,  Facebook and others.




Send emails, conduct hangouts, send mobile notifications, chat, meet-up at events, and much much more. With Zulu.Social there are a myriad opportunities to engage and interact with your audience. Each interaction is tagged and mapped onto pre-set goals for each kind of touch point. Use data from one interaction, say a social login to a fan portal) to initiate engagement in other touch points such as a shout out on social or a coupon via email.




Gather groups of influencers (bloggers, social celebrities or brand ambassadors) and provide them with curated posts, tips, sharing ready feed and chat, within a purpose built mobile app.  An integrated analytics allows performance measurement of influencers, social network and content. Set up of points, awards and gamify the influencer experience. Integrations with e-commerce affiliate programs for demand generation are also available.




The companion mobile app (iOS and Android) can be both fully branded or available as a branded zone within the common Zulu.Social app. The app enables a brand to deliver your web content and social feeds to fans and followers in a community, with full rules for admission and membership. A member gallery for connecting over social, integrated chat, social sharing and a ‘nearby now’ for meet-ups all help create a vibrant community around your brand.  There is available API support or integration into third party apps.


Storyboard and gamify online and offline as one seamless journey.  Set trigger conditions based on whether a user signs in to a portal, replies on social or attends an event. Bases on that specify other outcomes or interactions for the user. Zulu.Social can help store and identify triggers for one touch-point –  such as presence in an event – that can then trigger outcomes in another touchpoint – such as shoutout on social.




The audience warehouse is designed to help you recycle, reuse and retarget data across campaigns for the same brand. Upload data from other campaign tools or migrate it from another campaign within Zulu.Social.  Any ingested data is automatically recognized by social network, tags and so on. Share it with co-workers and use the data to build new audiences for your brand or client.



The 360º view of the audience provided by Zulu.Social, include user and system inputs, responses and downstream interactions. The combined view across multiple touch points provides unique insights that would not be available from silo’ed data sets. It gets easier to spot gaps in engagement or spot new opportunities for engagement in, say social, because of data received on email. Zulu.Social also provides for setting weighted engagement goals and measuring performance against them.




Use the integrated access and privilege mechanisms to restrict access by the roles of users in your team. Restrict access to both modules, fine-grain functionality as well as the respective Audience that a team member can manage. Two factor authentication means the login cannot be casually shared.